Tattoo freckles are the latest beauty trend

Beauty trends may come and go, but this latest trend will live on forever. Literally!

Nothing really seems to shock us anymore -- there's always something new in the beauty world. We've heard of people inking their eyebrows and the inside of their lips, but what about their cheeks?

Freckle tattoos are the latest beauty craze, with more and more people getting their cheeks tatted. Tattoo artists "follow" their customer's natural freckle trend along their face -- in a few months, the ink and swelling is supposed to subside and the freckles will blend in with the natural skin tone.

The tattoo trend is so popular that there's even a hashtag! #Freckyourself on Instagram shows the best of these freckled faces.

Scroll through to see the wildest beauty trend:

What do you think of the latest cosmetic craze?

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