What is a hangover?

If you've ever spent an evening drinking your weight in *whiskey, then you've probably woken up the next morning feeling ... not so great. This, my friend, is a hangover.

But what is a hangover, anyway? Scientists still aren't sure why we get them or what exactly causes them. But there are a few factors that come into play.

Best New Year's Eve Hangover Cures
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Best New Year's Eve Hangover Cures

For some, coffee is a great way to help ease a hangover. However, some people may find it causes a stomachache.

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As drinking makes you dehydrated, water is a must to help both prevent and remedy a hangover.

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More often than not, a hangover comes with a nasty headache. Ibuprofen can help ease the pain of a headache the next morning. Some even swear that taking one before bed will help significantly.

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"Sweat it out!" Instead of laying around all day basking in your pain, try exercising your hangover away. Endorphins will help to boost your mood at the same time.

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The one sure fire way to avoid a hangover is to go sober for the night. Whether you opt to be the designated drive or not, avoiding alcohol all together is the only way to guarantee no hangover.

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It's undeniable that a greasy breakfast often makes you feel better initially, but most likely the feeling won't last. Just eggs is a better choice than the extra bacon and cheese grease.

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Sports drinks are a great way to rehydrate yourself after a long night of drinking.

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If you find your stomach feeling queasy the next day, try eating crackers or toast to help calm your stomach.

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Don't forget to take your daily vitamins if you're hungover--they will help get your body back on track.

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Like crackers and toast, Alka Seltzer is a great way to calm an upset stomach.

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If you can't bring yourself to exercise, hit the sauna to "sweat it out!"

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When in doubt, roll back over and get some more sleep until the hangover goes away.

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Number one, alcohol is a diuretic. When we drink alcohol, it causes us to pee — a lot. That can cause dehydration, which in turn can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

Number two, alcohol increases the production of stomach acid, irritating the lining of our stomachs. That might be why you spend the morning after a night out with your head in a wastebasket.

Number three, when we drink alcohol, we're essentially drinking low-grade poison. When our bodies process alcohol, they produce a toxic compound called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is even more toxic than alcohol, and can cause a handful of hangover symptoms.

So, how do you prevent a hangover? Well, you could drink in moderation — or not at all. But in the meantime, the internet has plenty of ideas for how to make yourself feel better.

*Newsy does not advise drinking your weight in whiskey — or any alcohol, for that matter. Hospital visits are expensive and not very fun.

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