M&M's changes up its flavors with these decadent additions

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, M&M's is expanding its famous flavor profile to include something extra indulgent: white cheesecake.

Now exclusively selling at Walmart, these candies are light pink, cream and white in color and have cheesecake-flavored filling instead of the usual chocolate in the middle.

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And the company isn't stopping there: M&M's has said they will have caramel-flavored M&M's hitting the shelves in May 2017. The caramel chocolate candies are described as "a creamy caramel center covered in milk chocolate in a colorful candy shell" — YUM!

PEOPLE writers and editors were some of the lucky ones to try this flavored candy first and they loved it, with one describing it as chewy like Milk Duds.

Now, who's ready to take a bite out of 2017?

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