Why is this eyebrow transformation so extremely satisfying to watch?

Kylie Jenner famously coined 2016 the year of "realizing things" but here in the beauty world, we think it was more like a year of "watching things." From blackhead busting to waxing, social media was on fire with videos of the most mundane of tasks being performed on another human being.

I can't stomach any of those famous pimple popping videos, the blackhead removal one isn't as bad but I had to watch it through my fingers. But I can totally get behind this eyebrow threading viral video and for some reason it's insanely satisfying to watch.

My distaste for threading runs deep, feeling my brow hairs getting ripped out by a thin string of thread is a horrid pain that I can never forget. But watching it in action on someone else gives me almost the exact opposite feeling, it's satisfying and almost soothing.

I don't know if it's watching the thread remove the wild and unruly hairs to reveal a much neater and well-groomed brow or if it's the total transformation from start to finish—but this is one the internet can't stop watching.

Facebook/Just Girly Things/@_browsbyash

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