The unexpected advantages of using copper cookware

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We're all dying to line our kitchen walls with gorgeous hanging copper cookware, just like on the Food Network. But are aesthetics the only reason the best chefs in the world opt for copper? Not so fast...

The main reason chefs turn to copper is heat conductivity. Copper distributes heat evenly, unlike typical metals like aluminum and steel, allowing for food to be cooked evenly throughout and limiting the chances of burning.

But perhaps the best part about copper cookware is that it's easy to clean! Rustic copper pans take on an elegant antique look as they're used, so scrubbing out burn marks will become a thing of the past. Think gorgeous provincial French kitchens...

If there's a downside to copper cookware, it's most definitely the price tag. These heavily coveted pots and pans can reach the $100's. Today, AOL readers can snag The Original Copper Pan from Masterpan for 48% off!

Bring home your kitchen's new pièce de résistance for just $19.99 today - and make your dream kitchen a reality!

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