Face-planting panda won't give up in battle against snowman

It was a tight victory for this giant panda when he went head-to-head with a snowman at the Toronto Zoo.

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After a bout of snowfall at the Canadian facility, zookeepers built a snowman for Da Mao, a male panda that has been at the Toronto Zoo since 2013.

Although the snowman was meant to be an enrichment tool for Da Mao to play with, it appeared the giant panda had a bone to pick with his new icy friend.

In a video posted by the facility, Da Mao could be seen scratching at, climbing and rolling over the snowman.

But, it ended in a knockout for the snowman, as Da Mao leaped, and knocked the head off his frosty opponent.

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The clip ends with Da Mao rolling away, appearing to be quite proud of his work.

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