Arizona family welcomes adorable quintuplets just in time for Christmas

By: Alyse Barker

Margaret and Michael Baudinet had lost all hope of having children after trying to conceive and miscarrying, but this Christmas their dreams of a family came true.

After hormone therapy, Margaret became pregnant with quintuplets and gave birth to five healthy babies at Dignity Health St. Josephs Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix on Dec. 4, 2016.

The names of the adorable five-some are Ava, Clara, Camille, Luke and Isabelle.

The happy family. (Photo credit: GoFundMe)

Margaret said in a recent interview with USA Today, "I have a very odd relationship with hope. After you suffer two miscarriages it's really hard to get excited about a pregnancy."

Margaret took to her blog, A Bundle of Baudinets, to explain the family's joy and the babies progress during the holiday season. The babies are loving this festive time of the year, namely baby Clara who is "mesmerized by her dad, especially his Christmas songs," Margaret wrote.

During a visit from Santa himself, organized by the hospital, the quintuplets were looked upon by Kris Kringle while sleeping in their little Christmas bonnets.

It looks like the Baudinet parents received the best present of all this year.

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