If you think you have blue or green eyes, they're actually brown

By Susana Victoria Perez, Buzz60

If you think you have blue eyes, think again, they are actually tricking you! All eyes are really brown.

According to CNN, Dr. Gary Heiting, a licensed optometrist and senior editor of All About Vision explained why all human eyes are actually brown, no matter if they look blue or greenish.

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The reason for this, is the pigment melanin, which also determines are hair and skin color.

So melanin only really has one shade: brown! The more melanin you have in the iris of your eye, the darker your eye color is.

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Cataracts are cloudy eyes and are most common in older people. Many times they can be indications of tumors or diabetes. 

Because many people don't think to put sunscreen near their eyes, skin cancer often forms around them. If you see a non-healing sore on your eyelid that may be causing your eyelashes to fall off, it could be time to consult a doctor. 
Droopy eyes on both sides may be a sign of myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease associated with muscle weakness. Dr. Hagan explained the disease can range from mild to more serious, deadly forms. 
If your retina is inflamed because of your sensitivity to light, doctors may be concerned with HIV/AIDS. 
Droopy eyelids and differently dilated pupils may be an indication of Horner's syndrome, often associated with tumors or aneurysms.  
Oftentimes, cancer in the body may show up in the eye as well. According to Dr. Hagan, the two most common ones include lung cancer and breast cancer. 

If you've ever heard "your eyes change color a lot," its because of light! Melanin absorbs light so the less melanin, like people with blue eyes, more light is reflected back out of the eye.

The reason why babies' eyes change color? The haven't developed the amount of melanin in their iris that's why most babies are born with blue eyes.

The more you know!

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