The 2016 list of America's unhealthiest states is here

By Rob Smith, Buzz60

The United Health Foundation's 2016 list of America's unhealthiest states is out. Turns out, the unhealthiest states are in the South!

The UHF ranks states annually based on factors like obesity, air pollution and poverty rates. Hawaii is America's healthiest state, while these states make up the top unhealthiest places to live...

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4. South Carolina. This state ranks on the unhealthy list because of their rates of infectious disease and lower than usual teen vaccination rates.

3. Tennessee hovers around the bottom because they are one of the tops in smoking and violent crime.

2. Arkansas, since the state has the fewest dentists per 100,000 residents in all of America.

1. Mississippi. Known as "The Hospitality state," Mississippi is the least healthy since it is the most physically inactive state in the country. It is also one of the most violent parts of America.