Krispy Kreme's newest creation is what dreams are made of

Krispy Kreme is making our dreams come true with the most epic doughnut creation of all time.

Introducing the Nutty Cocoa Ring, which combines two of our favorite foods. It's a fluffy doughnut topped with, you guessed it, Nutella.

Krispy Kreme

Not only is it topped with Nutella, but the doughnut has a sprinkle of crunchy hazelnuts and a drizzle of chocolate icing.

*Mic drop*

"Both Nutella and Krispy Kreme products are adored around the world, and we are thrilled to bring a product featuring the classic taste of Krispy Kreme and the nutty flavor of Nutella to our shops domestically," said Jackie Woodward, Chief Marketing Officer of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

This is the first time Krispy Kreme has introduced Nutella to any of its United States stores. And we're welcoming it with open arms.

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