Wildest fast food innovations of 2016

By: Jose Sepulveda

While we all know fast food isn't the healthiest, there is something about the latest Doritos-flavored taco or Cheetos-flavored chicken fries that can't help but pique your interest.

And in the past 12 months, there have been some pretty innovative new items at your favorite fast food chains.

Like 7-Eleven, which didn't just sell millions of glazed and seasonal donuts. The company also came up with the Slurpee Donut. It has a cake interior and wild cherry Slurpee-flavored icing with sugar crystals on top.

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And Burger King introduced the Whopperito in the summer. It's basically a whopper in a tortilla, so you can satisfy your hunger and save some dough by skipping Chipotle.

You can't finish a meal without a great dessert, which is why McDonalds came up with the Sweety con Nutella Burger. You know, just in case you didn't get enough carbs from your savory burger and fries.

Some even took a leap of faith and expanded their brands. KFC came up with a chicken flavored sunscreen that "keeps you feeling delicious."

We'd say, "What's next, nail polish?" But yeah, they did that too.

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