This is what a $30,000 ugly Christmas sweater looks like

Byline: Alyse Barker

Ugly Christmas sweater season is in full swing, and if you are bored of the scratchy thrift store one you picked up five years ago for $1.49, one company has the perfect sweater to blow your holiday budget.

Tipsy Elves, the e-commerce site that has a variety of choices to best fit your Christmas sweater personality, just created a $30,000 sweater.

Why does this festive shirt have such a high price tag? It's made with 24,274 "individually placed" Swarovski crystals. It also took 52 hours to create.

This Christmas sweater is the world's most expensive ugly Christmas sweater with Santa riding a unicorn. Sleighs are so passé.

This iconic piece is considered a collector's item and will be shipped to the buyer in a luxury box.

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So when you have your ugly christmas sweater party just carry around your framed sweater instead of wearing it. That makes so much sense.

Some "reviewers" made jokes in the comments, saying things like, "Can someone from Tipsy Elves confirm the size of the shipping box this sweater comes in? I will need to live inside the box if I buy this sweater."

Well, at least you'll look super festive in your new home.

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