Laced up mini skirt

When I'm feeling particularly lazy — which lately, seems to be an everyday occurrence — I tend to gravitate toward this exact combination of miniskirts and knee-high boots. Even on the coldest days it seems that my legs can handle the winter chill, so I don't mind showing a sliver of skin to give give myself some fresh air, especially when I'm buried under multiple layers. Though I love temperatures at that suffocating levels equivalent to a car being baked in the sun all day, I can't really handle sweating away under layers of clothes. With that said, I literally wear tank tops under everything in the winter so I can strip down to the bare minimum if needed. Escape plan sorted.

I pretty much sport this combo about town throughout the week, making this the most comfortable of options for me. The leather boots keep most of my legs warm while the textured fabrics are a good change to the usual denim m

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