Kate Middleton debuts darker, longer hair


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is hailed for her style, elegance, and of course -- her hair. There are blowout styles that she's single-handedly made famous, and we're perpetually in an ever-turning cycle of trying to recreate her signature look.

So when she steps out and those royal locks looks quite a bit different, we take note. (Ahem, who remembers when she got bangs?! HUGE news.)

Wednesday night in London, the Duchess helped to celebrate 100 years of the scouts, an organization she's supported for years, and she did so in a casual outfit that we personally love to live in: jeans, boots, and a turtleneck sweater. And while we were loving the chic-casual vibe she had, what made us do a double-take was her hair. It looks quite a bit longer than it was last we saw it down, and definitely darker.

Kate is constantly getting her hair done, and surely that includes dyeing her hair every other month or so. There was a short period of time just after George was born that Kate rocked an ombre effect, but generally she keeps her hair in a gorgeous chestnut tone. This deeper, darker shade definitely suits her -- and is perfect for the winter season, too.

Real talk: As for the length, many of the style moments Kate has had lately either included a chignon, or her hair was much more curled, so it's possible we just hadn't realized how long her hair is! Regardless, we love it.

What do you think of Kate's new 'do?

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