How to dress up for the holidays

The holidays are finally here! It's finally time to celebrate the whole year and reflect on everything you have accomplished and more importantly, to see what's to come. Of course, the holidays also mean tons of parties, family gatherings and seeing your loved ones!

In other words, it's time to step up your holiday fashion game! Show off your best winter wear style and get ready to strut your stuff this season.

Dress stylish for the holidays
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Dress stylish for the holidays

"I’m obsessed with this skirt for getting dolled up. Holiday party? Wear the skirt. Dinner with your man’s family? Time for the skirt. Christmas outing? Look to the skirt." - Bonjour Blue

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"I certainly can’t pass up on trendy, festive clothes. Ugly Christmas sweaters are great for attending your neighbor’s Christmas party, but I love a holiday sweater that I can actually feel cute in." - Madame Andrews

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"I love that velvet has made a resurgence yet again. It’s a luxe fabric that is timeless and never goes out of style. What I enjoy seeing this season is how accessory brands are incorporating velvet into shoes and bags." - Savvynista

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"The past few days have been pretty chilly (especially when the sun goes down), so this Asos coat has been getting a lot of love.  Usually I wear it open as a topper, but it was so windy today that I snapped it closed and belted it tight!" - Seamless Sea

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"I couldn’t help but make this holiday outfit extra feminine. I recently got these bow shoes and I literally want to wear them with everything! I found exact dupes here and they also come in red and pink. This Aldo box clutch is also very festive with the gorgeous pearl embellishment. It definitely added a glamorous touch!" - Just a Tina Bit

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"Merry Christmas, everyone. Wishing you guys the loveliest of Holidays spent with loved ones! Xo!"- The Style Optimist

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"I added a touch of metallic with my clutch… I will add a touch of metallic any time I can, to be honest, but I really think it adds to the holiday aspect of the look." - Poised Avenue

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Take a look through the slideshow for ideas and inspiration on how to dress for the holidays.

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