Move over, Kate Middleton: These commoners all married royals, too


The classic fairy tale is arguably Cinderella. Why? Because a commoner marries a prince (and lives happily ever after). However, that has been a historically rare occurrence (think Princess Margaret and Group Captain Townsend's doomed romance, recently brought back to life in Netflix's The Crown). But starting in the latter 20th century, young royals have begun to marry more and more for love—no matter the title, or lack thereof, of their significant other. It's a positive sign in the shifting mores of royal courts for sure, but also a sign of hope for the rest of us out there. And while we admit your chances of becoming a princess by marriage are pretty low, it seems it could happen.

Here, a look back at 11 royals who have married common people. You may know the story of how Kate Middleton met Prince William, and be eagerly following Prince Harry's current romance with Meghan Markle, but do you know which queen used to be a news anchor? And which prince met his bride while working as her personal trainer? We didn't think so.

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