Velvet dreams

Lets start off this post with what I am currently coveting. Can you guess? Here is a fabric ever. Still don't know? Well its one word: Velvet!
I knew velvet would be perfect to bring on our shoot to Vail with Mckenzie! Remember the last Vail shoot? Well here is part 2!

CP Shades Velvet shirt

As some of you know, I work at a boutique in Fort Collins called Rain. Currently at rain, we are all craving velvet. We have fallen for designer, CP Shades, velvet everything. CP Shades has made quite the comeback, and with that being said, their velvet is hard to keep on the racks.

When I first saw our velvet shirts, I wondered if I could rock them. Sure enough, I found that they looked incredible on. Not to mention, the hand and drape of the shirt is something of a dream. Sorry fashion geek over here. To quote SNL's 'Coffee Talk', "Its like butta."

Outfit Details

I will say, I was only wearing the velvet shirt. This of course isn't the warmest when shooting in the cold mountains, but I had to show you the beauty when light hits the shirt just right. You're welcome...

As many of you know, I have a strong belief in investment pieces and versatility. These shirts are perfect to dress up or down. I of course chose to wear it in a casually. However, I am going to be wearing one for Christmas Eve with my family. Stay tuned for that look.

Outfit Details

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