This is how much weight college students gain over 4 years

We've all heard of the freshman fifteen when it comes to gaining weight our first time away from home while at college.

Many students are learning the hard way that binge drinking and eating pizza for breakfast isn't a sustainable lifestyle.

Well a new study is saying that the freshman fifteen isn't really a thing but the four-year ten is. Researchers from the University of Vermont recruited about 100 incoming freshman to enter their study.

They weighed them throughout their college experience and asked them questions about their eating habits and physical activity levels.

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They're concluding that only 15 percent got the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a week.

They also found that on average the students gained 10 pounds and the amount of people who were considered obese went up from 23 percent to about 41 percent.

Now ten pounds doesn't sound like much but scientists are concerned by it. The health risks to becoming obese are well documented and healthy behaviors are better to adopted by an individual as young as possible.

The scientists say that we should do more to target the college age demographic if we'd like to eliminate the countries' obesity issue.