The most googled beauty question of 2016 is...


With 2017 literally around the corner, we're taking a few moments to reflect on some of the good stuff that happened in 2016. (We know, you may want to tune it out.) From all of the Too Faced palettes we've been graced with to each and every Kat Von D product launch we got our (sometimes) perfectly manicured hands on, we'd say it's been a big year in beauty.

But surprisingly, for all of the new products, many of which caused makeup mayhem heard all around the world, were not included in Google's top-searched beauty questions for the year. (We were expecting lots of "When does the Too Faced Peach hit Sephora shelves?", TBH.) In fact, the most googled beauty question of 2016 actually shocked most of our staffers.

Drumroll, please. Officially, this year's most googled beauty question is..."How to do a fishtail braid?" (Googlers, we've got your backs with this how-to video.)

While all of us beauty junkies may obsess over individual product launches, the big G proved that people really just want the basics sometimes. Now, we're not saying executing a fishtail braid is basic (far from it actually, as we're still trying to master the art of twisting up the extensive plait ourselves), but based on the other top nine queries—including when to clean your makeup brushes and how to fill in your brows—we'd say that people are seeking out hacks, how-to's and fixes for all of the hair, makeup, skin, and manicure qualms.

Check the top ten queries in full, just below:

And just like that, we've given you the gift of a few extra holiday party conversation starters to take with you on your party-hopping circuit. "Did you know that 'How to do a fishtail braid?' was the most googled beauty question of 2016?" "No? Well, let me tell you the second..." You're welcome.

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