Still gift shopping? Here are important holiday shipping deadlines you'll want to bookmark


With the holidays fast approaching (literally, where has the first half of December gone?), the struggle to finish gift shopping is real.

While there may be people who have everything wrapped with a pretty bow and ready to go, the rest of us haven't even made a dent in our list (oops!).

If you fall into the latter category, don't fret, there's still time -- even if you want to online shop!

We compiled important shipping deadlines for Amazon and various department stores (A.K.A. places where you can pretty much find something for everyone on your list) -- and let's just say, you can wait for the literal last minute and still likely pull everything off (sort of).

Take a deep breath and have a look:

And if you're still planning on hitting the mall, watch the video below for advice on the best days to get your in-store shopping done. It all depends on the items you're looking for, how much money you want to save and how crowded of a store you're willing to wander into.

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