December beauty buys

This incredibly reasonable + generously sized alternative to my previous obsession from origins (which i still adore, but tends to be somewhat cost prohibitive, considering how quickly i blow through it)

This insanely hydrating gel moisturizer – i'm slowly falling in love with this brand! my skin is comfortable, clear and glowy – plus i'm not needing to add a primer.

This foundation. i need to do a deep dive for you re: my full-on lust for all things charlotte tilbury. my current signature lip is her hot lips in secret selma and her glowing face base is numero uno on my christmas list.

I shouted this out on insta, but this clarins lotion is saving my skin from too much sun exposure during my hellish daily commute. it's lightweight, does not require a ton of work to apply and it leaves my skin softly hydrated, not sticky. love, love, love.

This dry shampoo. it's completely clear!! can i tell you what a miracle this is to someone who tends to wear a ton of black and only washes her hair twice a week? jeez oh man – where has this one been hiding?

This mascara. the price. the drama. the insane curl and hold. the lack of smudging. it's my new holy grail. just buy it and thank me later.


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