Mermaid blankets are the new onesies

By: Djenane Beaulieu

Ever wondered what it'd be like to be a mermaid?

It's 2016 — you can be almost anything you want to be -- thanks to the hottest new trending item everyone's going crazy for: The Mermaid Blanket!

These new cozy knitted blankets resemble Snuggies, but instead of wearing it like a cloak over your head, you pull it over your legs and it includes a mermaid tail. Mermaid Blankets were launched in October and they are selling fast this season.

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The online retailer has already sold more than 11,000 with a waiting list of one thousand. Although electronics are usually the big seller on Cyber Monday, these blankets have become the "most-watched deal" on Amazon. And they are buzzing all over social media.

Celebrities such as Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan posted a picture on Twitter of her rocking the knitted fishtail. Who doesn't want to experience the cozy mermaid life?

And, no better than experiencing that life on a sofa ... not the sea, of course.

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