Woman shares scary image as warning to other moms

For many new parents, a baby carrier is essentially a lifeline. It allows Mom or Dad to go about their daily routines, all with their infant nestled to their chest.

But after a near-disaster, one new mom is issuing a warning to other parents.

Molly Landis was cooking when her stove burner exploded, sending flames to her face, neck and chests. Normally, when she's in the kitchen, Molly holds her four-month old daughter in her wrap carrier. But on this particular day, she left her daughter in her swing.

Facebook/Molly Landis

The accident left Molly, a registered nurse (according to her Facebook) with severe burns. The photo has since gone viral.

The new mom can't stop thinking about how lucky she was that her child was not with her. Now, other parents are heeding Molly's warning.

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