DIY decor perfect for the holiday season

The holidays have crept up so quickly and who couldn't be happier! The cold weather, holiday cheer and festivities have got everyone ready to reflect on the past year and more importantly, looking forward to what the new year has to come.

What would make the holidays feel even more complete? Beautiful DIY decor of course! Decorations this time of year can be a bit expensive and even worse, out of stock! Avoid all the drama at the store and make some stunning pieces in the comfort of your home instead!

Deck the halls in DIY
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Deck the halls in DIY

Christmas pom pom garland

"This Christmas Pompom Garland is something I’ve seen many times in different Christmas decor around internet and I just LOVE it. I had to make one and I had to use it for my Christmas tree." - The Crafting Nook

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Christmas pop art

"I wanted to create pop art style pictures from our three favorite Christmas movies. What better way to do that than by adding some of our favorite quotes from the movies too?" - Girl Loves Glam

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Glitter wreath place cards

"This simple and affordable craft adds a sparkly touch to your holiday dinner party, and the best part is that you can finish them in less than an hour." - Spark and Chemistry

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Table tree

" I collected bunch of vines and leaves and just wrapped these around the branch working my way out and securing with wire each time I added a new one." - The Lovely Drawer

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Salt dough ornaments

"My best advice is to allow them to dry on parchment paper overnight, with minimal movement. They do fall apart very easily if you move them around too much. Also, I used the end of my straw to smooth the edges out after I used the cookie cutters. This worked very nicely!" - Boxwood Avenue

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Poinsettia holiday centerpiece

"Today’s centerpiece is easy to make. You’ll need sago palm leaves, strelitzia leaves, some gold spray paint, and a white poinsettia plant." - The Stripe

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