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This holiday season, I'm swapping gifts with another blogger who loves to entertain for eBay's holiday gift exchange. I've partnered with eBay to create this post! Enjoy!

Gift giving is my love language! I adore giving and yes, receiving gifts. Naturally, Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I remember the first Christmas that my husband and I shared. I spent months searching for the "perfect" gifts for him. Gifts that I knew that he would love and gifts that he didn't even know he wanted.

As a person who loves to sit and try to figure out all of the clues when watching "Sherlock," the concept of a "perfect" gift is a mystery I love to solve. As far as I am concerned... The Christmas game is afoot!

It's no fun to just go and buy a generic gift that anyone with a pulse would mildly appreciate. The challenge is to know your friends and loved ones so well, that you can find something truly thoughtful that they will adore.

This holiday season I was invited to participate in eBay's holiday gift exchange.

Did you know that eBay has all kinds of fabulous items direct from the manufacturer that are brand new and they have that lovely "Buy it Now" button that makes things so handy. It's quick and easy and there is no bidding required. Did you also know that the world's top brands sell new items directly on eBay at some of the best deals?

But, back to the gift exchange... I was invited to be a part of a secret gift exchange this season. I've been paired up with another blogger whose identity is under wraps. All I know is that they love to entertain. My challenge was to visit eBay and find some items that this hostess might love when she is hosting some of her fun gatherings. Now, this challenge wasn't that hard because I love to entertain as well. I knew without a doubt that the gift they are waiting for was on eBay.

Since this is a blind gift exchange, I had to rely on my experience as a hostess. I know that some of my key ingredients for the perfect event are to have the right tools, the right decor & the right mood. I found items that would be perfect for all three areas on eBay!

Generally when I'm entertaining I am doing the majority of the cooking. I make sure to have some great recipes on hand and one of my favorite cookbooks is by Ina Garten, "Make it Ahead." A staple in the entertainers tool kit in my opinion. Found it on eBay. Another one of my favorite kitchen tools when I'm prepping for a party is my KitchenAid Mixer. I honestly don't know what I would do without that perfect tool in my kitchen. In my opinion, every good hostess needs to have one in their party tool kit.

You also need to have the right dishes & serving platters. That's the fun part, making your party look beautiful. I found all kinds of fun serving items on eBay that any entertainer would love to have in their pantry. Not only do they serve a purpose for serving the food, they can be part of the all important decor for the event. The serving utensils are just as important as the cute gems you can set on the table to dress things up.

Next, you have the mood... No one wants to walk into a party and feel like they are waiting at the dentist for a filling! You need to turn down the lights, have beautiful candles to fill the room with soft light and a heavenly scent. You need to have the perfect music playing in the background on a stylish Bluetooth speaker. I found all of that on eBay as well. It's perfect!

Now that I've found all of these great gift items for the entertainer, I have to pick one for my mystery hostess. I decided that...

No entertainer who loves to plan and prepare for parties should be without a KitchenAid Mixer! Shortly, my mystery gift exchange partner will receive a new KitchenAid Mixer on her doorstep from eBay and I can't wait to see what she has picked out for me!! Stay tuned, I'll be sharing what I receive on Facebook & Instagram.

What are you on the hunt for? Who do you need to find the perfect gift for this year? Find the gifts you know they'll love on eBay this gift-giving season.

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Thoughtful gift giving with eBay

Gifts for the Jet Setter 

"There’s a gift for everyone on your list, no matter what’s most important to them, and that means that this Christmas gifting thoughtfully with eBay is easier than ever." -- The Kentucky Gent

Gifts for the Entertainer

"Since this is a blind gift exchange, I had to rely on my experience as a hostess. I know that some of my key ingredients for the perfect event are to have the right tools, the right decor & the right mood. I found items that would be perfect for all three areas on eBay!" -- Whipperberry

Gifts for the Girl on the Go

"I love sitting down and making my lists for my family and really putting thought into things that they may not buy themselves and would enjoy. I usually start by thinking through their hobbies and what they spend most of their time doing and also the things that they love the most. For my dad it's usually sports related, my mom something related to traveling, and my sister loves experimenting with makeup and beauty." -- The View From 5'2"

Gifts for Moms on the Go

"I pride myself on my gift giving abilities.  I mean you have 365 days to plan people. The holidays are the same time every year, so it’s not like they come as a surprise! I always make sure to keep a list all year with all the people I need to buy for and I jot down ideas and things they have mentioned and voila I look like a gift giving master!" -- Life With The Crust Cut Off 

Gifts for the Accessorizer

"Do you know what's my biggest problem? I have a champagne taste on a beer budget. I love the hottest designers, and I want to gift the most luxury gifts to my friends and family every season, however, I'm on a marketing-girl budget over here. I'm a little limited on what I can give each season!" -- Alicia Tenise

Gifts for the Creative

"Give her a gift that will help her raise her audio game - without good sound, a video project, or online conference call will not be taken seriously. These Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2 Wireless Headphones are top of the line, and will make anyone smile!" -- Lily The Wandering Gypsy 

Gifts for the Entire Family to Enjoy

"I had the opportunity to find what I thought would be a perfect family gift for a fellow blogger. After doing a lot of searching, I decided on this great popcorn machine! My parents have a theater popcorn machine and it is has been a perfect addition to family movie nights. I hope the family I am giving this to will enjoy it as much as my family has!" -- Girl Loves Glam

Gifts for the Modern Man

"One of my favorite things in life is sharing my love and appreciation to another, which is why I love the holiday season. I love to find the right gifts for enhancing the recipient’s life with something experiential, functional, and lasting - like a melodic vinyl that would complement the perfect wintry night with family or a pair of versatile boots that would take the owner on a memorable adventure." -- Honey & Silk

Gift for the Fashionista

"As someone who is into the latest of fashion, the highest of technology, and loves to have fun, eBay has been my one-stop-shop, and where I have been doing all my brainstorming on what to give. Another reason I came to eBay is because the world's top brands sell new items on eBay at amazing prices." -- Bird a la Mode

Gift for the Modern Mom

"Finding the perfect gift for the moms in your life really comes down to understanding her interests. Being a mom doesn’t mean her interests have changed, they only just expanded. If you’re looking for inspirations, here are my top picks from eBay that will delight any mom on your list this year." -- Style By Alina


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