Poll reveals the hardest year of marriage

By: Nathan Rousseau Smith

It turns out the seven-year itch may be an actual thing.

In an effort to help couples reconnect with each other, recent polling conducted by bedroom accessories site Pure Romance has found the 7th year of marriage is the hardest.

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The average honeymoon stage lasts just under 9 months.

Fights between couples are to be expected, with married couples having on average four minor fights per month. That's 48 per year!

As far as love life goes, according to pure romance, 39% reported sex getting better the longer the marriage lasts -- but 25% say it actually gets worse.

38% say they'd be happier if they introduced a bit of an edge into their bedroom activities.

Turns out the best way to keep a marriage strong is to support each other through hardships, know when to bite your tongue, and agree to disagree sometimes -- like about whose turn it is to change the baby's diaper!

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