Girl's quinceañera invitation goes viral, 1 million people RSVP


For many Latin girls, a quinceañera is a right of passage. Age 15 marks her transition from childhood to womanhood.

Today, many teens celebrate their coming-of-age with a party, dance and candlelight ceremony with their close friends and family. However, one teen's quinceañera may have thousands and thousands of attendees.

Rubi Ibarra Garcia, from Mexico, decided to use a Facebook video as an invitation. In the video, Rubi and her parents give details on the celebration, taking place at the end of the month in their village.

Facebook/Rubi Ibarra Garcia

Her father makes the mistake by saying "everyone is cordially invited" towards the end of the video.

And people took that invitation literally. According to BBC, millions of people have RSVPed to the party, including some celebrities. There's even a hashtag, #los15deRubi, trending on social media -- it's sparked thousands of memes and parodies.

The guest list is so long, local authorities plan on sending police to Rubi's party as a precaution.

We can't wait to see how many people actually attend!

Scroll through to see another extravagant party:

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