Artist creates intricate designs to help cancer patients feel beautiful

One Seattle artist is using her intricate designs to help cancer patients feel beautiful again.

The art of henna has been rooted in Indian and Arabic culture for thousands of generations. Some traditions today paint their hands and feet for weddings and other significant events. While Sarah Walters works these events, she also spends a lot of time working with those going through chemotherapy.

Using her own plant-based paint, she creates 'henna crowns' on patients. Each design is unique and has its own significance.

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"When my stepdad passed away from multiple myeloma (a rare cancer of the plasma cells) in 2004, I remember my feeling of helplessness. It reinforced my desire to help people, and now with more of a focus on those who are fighting cancer," Sarah said to A Plus.

All of her henna crowns are made possible through donations, as to help anyone and everyone who wants it.

"I hope that my henna crowns give cancer fighters a reprieve from a stressful time in their lives. I hope they feel beautiful and loved, " she said.

You can learn more about Sarah's work on her website.

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