10 festive things to do this weekend

1. Surprise someone with homemade cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning. (This recipe looks pretty delish!)

2. Take a family picture together. Whether it's a selfie or selfless stranger who agreed to snap your photo, make it happy! I know personally that it's so easy for time to go by without photos of the three of us together.

3. Learn about the holiday celebration of another culture,

4. Find a trail of lights. (We always went to this one growing up– excited to take Parker this year!)

5. If you haven't already, finish that Christmas shopping! It will allow you more time to enjoy all of the celebrating that is in store over these next two weeks! (Over 140 of our gift picks can be found here!)

6. Start a new book. This book looks totally fascinating!

7. Do a good deed. Start a compost pile. Volunteer at a Food Bank. Donate New Coats or Toys to a local drive in your neighborhood.

8. Wrap those presents. Don't wait until the last minute. Light a fire, turn on some music and get to wrapping!

9. Dress up for no reason. Put together something new in your closet. Wear Heels. Add a little extra mascara. Whatever makes you feel a little extra pulled together this weekend!

10. Get a jump start on organization. Whether it's a kitchen drawer, a pantry, or your entire closet, nothing feels better than feeling organized.

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