Why you should start using an oil cleanser ASAP

With arctic storms fast approaching and the weather's ever-changing dynamics, our environment certainly takes a toll on our skin. Extreme dryness, severe redness and massive breakouts are often all results of the tough conditions we put our skin through during winter.

One way to help solve these issues is using an oil cleanser. Now, if you have oily skin, you may think, "Why should I be using an oil cleanser? Wouldn't that make my skin even more oily?"

The answer is no.

Oil cleansing actually helps dissolve and remove the dirt from your skin without making it greasy. If you have acne-prone skin, the oils helps moisturize the skin. This is something people with acne-prone skin usually need since they tend to over-wash and dry out their skin to remove the "oils" from their face.

Oils have also made a big impact on anti-aging serums, body moisturizers, and as primers in order to prep the skin for makeup.

If you're scared to try an oil cleanser as part of your everyday routine, start with only using it once a week and slowly progress to 3-4 times a week. Or, start using it as a makeup remover, to get rid of the day's grime (especially around the eyes) gently.

From face to body washes, we've rounded up our top five favorite oil cleansers to use this winter.

Oil products you should be using this winter
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Oil products you should be using this winter

The name says it all! We are completely obsessed over this total cleansing oil from Bareminerals. It's ultra-lightweight formula glides on quickly and works to dissolve any makeup and impurities stat. We started seeing clearer and brighter skin in only a week!

TIP: Add a little water

$30.00 at Ulta

Combined with the power of honey, this powerful oil elixir restores your body's suppleness -- perfect for rough patchy skin (dry elbows and knees rejoice!). 

TIP: Apply all over after a warm shower or bath and wrap yourself in a towel for 20 minutes. You'll thank us.

$36.95 on Amazon

While we are completely obsessed over it's chic packaging, the cleanser delivers a blend of botanical infused carrier oils, to help with any breakouts and restore skin to it's balanced state.

TIP: Step-by-step directions to creating the perfect at-home deep cleansing wash can be found here

$30.00 on Vanity Planet 

This drugstore favorite is the ultimate power oil to layer under your foundation without sliding off! Makes dull skin look replenished and bright, the ideal product to use the morning after your holiday work party.

TIP: Apply liberally to your neck and face.

$9.50 on Amazon

If you still aren't convinced that oil cleansers will give you a fresh-feeling wash, this cool and invigorating product from boscia will win you over! Gentle enough to use at morning and night, this cleanser purifies pores and brightens skin with its anti-aging and hydrating skin nutrients.

TIP: Perfect if you have sensitive skin

$30.00 at Sephora 


By Magdalena Guillen

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