This marriage advice from a 1950s book is crazy

By: Keri Lumm

Girls in the 1950s weren't taught how to have a successful career -- they were taught how to get married and make their husbands happy.

A page from a 1950s Home Economics Book is taking the internet by storm with its advice for happy housewives.

Some of the advice is the reason feminism exists, like the line that says, "make the evening his" because he has worked all day. Obviously staying home with kids isn't work.

Speaking of the kids, according to the advice, you should make sure they are clean and tidy because "they are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part."

Mom probably would have liked that all day too.

The wife is also supposed to have dinner ready the minute her husband walks in the door and she is advised to be "a little more interesting."

No wonder men were quick to get married in the 1950s! If all the girls behaved like this.

Some of the advice seems like common sense and is still applicable today-- like being nice when someone you love comes home.

Of course, we could just teach all kids in school to be nice to everyone they meet.

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