Christina Milian reveals the gift she'd give a 'secure' man


By Cristina Corvino

Christina Milian loves a good fragrance on a man.

In fact, she told us that she's fallen in love with men simply over their scent. So naturally, it comes as no surprise that Milian would be pegged to host Curve's "Curve Your Reality" party held at Lightbox in New York City on Tuesday.

We caught up with the Grammy-nominated singer at the quirky soirée meant to celebrate the "wildest, weirdest, and most amazing fantasies happening in your head" -- and she dished on her ultimate "curved reality," her 6-year-old daughter Violet's favorite part about the holidays and the ideal gift for a "secure" man.

Check out our conversation below:

In what way did this particular campaign speak to you?

It spoke to me because I'm all about a guy with personality [who] thinks out of the box. And I'm definitely about leaving an impression. I've literally fallen in love with men over a scent. They were not my type at all. I'm not even going to name names. Because I could literally name names. I literally left them, not thinking anything of them, and walked away thinking about the scents -- and not realizing that it was lingering with me. It simulates you without even being there.

I just love how [Curve has] taken a new approach of engaging the newer generation with fragrance and understanding the importance of it. When you're younger, you don't get it. Eventually younger guys get you need a little bit [of something] extra. I'm all about that. Even as a woman, for me, I like to do something that stands out when it comes to fragrance, because some women forget -- but I remember.

See photos from the event below:

If you could spray perfume and be transported to a "curved reality" -- much like the realities in the new Curve ads -- what would that reality look like to you?

The reality would be me inside of a pyramid, men feeding me grapes with my family sitting there at a big table eating delicious food -- with my daughter eating sushi, because she loves sushi. And a big warm swimming pool in the middle of it all. Sounds good, right? I need a couple men there.

With holiday gift-giving approaching, what's the most well-received gift you've given a man in your life?

A fragrance is nice -- if I'm with a secure man and they understand it's something that I think personally could be a good scent that I found in the store, not because it came from another boyfriend. If it did, we don't have to tell them). Personally, I think fragrance is to enhance the senses of love, so I do think fragrance is really nice.

Then you can't go wrong with of course, you know, sneakers -- a nice pair of high-end sneakers or something like that.

Take a peek at our gift picks for guys:

Is there any gift that's gone over terribly?

I've done pretty good when it comes to gifts. I haven't had any issues. You can get them a bag of candy [and] they'll be happy. So true.

What's your daughter's favorite part about the holidays?

That she has a break from school, and we can spend a lot more time together. That's her favorite part. And everything that comes with it, of course -- the cooking in the kitchen, no homework. Off from school, good to be with mom, I can go wherever she goes, no excuse!

Do you have any upcoming projects fans can be excited about?

I have a new project with FOX coming out next year called "Superhuman" -- that's going to be coming out with Mike Tyson and a gentleman named Dr. Jandial. Then I'm working on new music and DJing -- so I'm excited about that. I can't wait to hit the road.

Ultimate destination to DJ?

Ooh, Ibiza! I love Ibiza, I've partied in Ibiza, I would love to DJ there.

This interview has been edited and condensed.