Top baby names of 2016 revealed

Choosing a name for a baby is a lot of pressure for new parents.

There's nothing quite as terrifying as gifting a child with a name for the rest of their life without even meeting them first.

If you are wanting your kid to fit in with the other popular kids, one trick is to check out the top baby names list for 2016.

According to BabyCenter's data based on 400,000 parental entries, the top boy name is Jackson and the top girl name is Sophia.

But Mom365 gets their names data daily from 1500 hospitals, and they claim that the top boy name is Noah and the top girl name is Olivia.

The advantage is that any of these names can claim to be the most popular, so that gives parents double the choices.

Other popular names include Emma and Ava for baby girls and Liam and Aidan for boys.

Just make sure that if you pick a popular name that you practice saying the name with the first letter of your last name.

Not only for school, but also when your little darling goes on The Bachelor to find a mate.

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