McDonald's is finally serving waffle fries


McDonald's just introduced a holiday menu that includes new items like waffle fries!

However, you can only get them if you head up north.

The waffle fries are being offered in the fast food chains' Canadian locations as part of its holiday menu.

The official Twitter account of McDonald's Canada says the seasonal offerings are "only here for a short time".

But just the thought of tasting these crispy golden fries made some people want to catch the first flight to Canada.

The fries are getting mixed reviews as some people love them, while others prefer the regular fries.

Either way, folks in the states can't get their hands on them.

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The only item we do get from the new holiday menu is their Peppermint Mocha.

Items we don't get include a new burger topped with a hash brown patty and bacon as well as a turtles sundae with pecans.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring waffle fries to the U.S.

The waffle fries come on the heels of other new takes on the chain's menu, like fried cheese bites and Gilroy garlic fries, which when they were released in May, the fast food giant had trouble keeping up with demand because they were so popular.

Now if the waffle fries were served stateside, I have a feeling the same thing would happen.