Box of puppies dumped outside on a cold night taken in by foster family

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, three abandoned puppies will be enjoying the holidays in a warm and safe environment.

The Dodo reports that the little furry bundles of joy were found in a box that had been dumped at a Corsicana, Texas carwash.

When staff members found the puppy-filled parcel in the morning, the cardboard environs were soaking wet and filled with feces.

The dogs were delivered to a local animal shelter and then picked up by the East Dallas Pet Rescue.

Jaclyn Smith, the rescue's founder, said to The Dodo, "...these siblings had only each other to keep themselves warm. It was freezing cold last night."

Shortly after the puppies' story was posted to the rescue's Facebook page, a volunteer came forward to offer them shelter until forever homes are found.

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