Women in Washington D.C. are getting 'the post-Trump haircut'

By Jordyn Rolling, Buzz60

Following President-elect Donald Trump's recent win, women in Washington D.C. are electing for "the Post-Trump Haircut."

An article published by New York Magazine discusses the drastic hair transformations women in the nation's capital have been inspired to undergo in response to Trump being elected president.

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One colorist at a salon in D.C. told the magazine she's noticed women, especially over 40, spontaneously coming in and chopping off inches or going all black or platinum.

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Marion Jacobs, a professor of psychology at UCLA suggests these acts are coping mechanisms, telling NY Mag:

"The phenomenon is a way for women in D.C. to feel powerful in a moment where a stranger has seized the steering wheel."

Another stylist told the magazine one client said, "Think of Melania Trump and go in the opposite direction."

Stand by strand, women are taking a stand when it comes to their post-election hair.

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