These are the top 20 party cities in the US and Canada

​​​​​​If you live in California, congratulations: Your state is home to five of the nation's hardest-partying cities.

Evite, the event-planning and invitation website, compiled a list of the top party cities in the US and Canada based on the number of events, parties, and gatherings over the past 12 months in cities across North America.

The holiday season is the most popular time of year for parties, and if you feel as if your schedule is especially packed over the next month, you're not alone: Most holiday parties occur the week after Thanksgiving and the last two Saturdays before Christmas.

Here are the cities that party the most.

The top party cities in the US and Canada
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The top party cities in the US and Canada

20. West Hollywood, California

Number of events this year: 23,032

(Photo via Getty Images)

19. Phoenix, Arizona

Events this year: 24,488

(Photo via Getty Images)

18. Raleigh, North Carolina

Events this year: 26,647

(Photo by Sean Pavone via Getty Images)

17. Arlington, Virginia

Events this year: 28,223

(Photo by Sean Pavone via Getty Images)

16. Toronto, Ontario

Events this year: 30,012

(Photo by Finn O'Hara via Getty Images)

15. Charlotte, North Carolina

Events this year: 31,711

(Photo by Joe Daniel Price via Getty Images)

14. Denver, Colorado

Events this year: 34,080

(Photo via Getty Images)

13. Portland, Oregon

Events this year: 35,188

(Photo by Danita Delimont via Getty Images)

12. San Francisco, California

Events this year: 39,893

(Photo via Caroline Purser via Getty Images)

11. Dallas, Texas

Events this year: 40,920

(Photo via Jeremy Woodhouse via Getty Images)

8. Washington, DC

Events this year: 41,782

(Photo by Sean Pavone via Getty Images)

9. Seattle, Washington

Events this year: 41,976

(Photo via Getty Images)

8. San Jose, California

Events this year: 45,135

(Photo by Gerardo Brucker via Getty Images)

7. New York, New York

Events this year: 47,115

(Photo by Jerome Gorin via Getty Images)

6. Atlanta, Georgia

Events this year: 47,493

(Photo by Sean Pavone via Getty Images)

5. Los Angeles, California

Events this year: 49,364

(Photo by Chris Hepburn via Getty Images)

4. San Diego, California

Events this year: 54,632

(Photo by Stuart Westmorland via Getty Images)

3. Austin, Texas

Events this year: 61,502

(Photo by Witold Skrypczak via Getty Images)

2. Chicago, Illinois

Events this year: 64,157

(Photo by Ellen Moran via Getty Images)

1. Houston, Texas 

Events this year: 70,864

(Photo by Sean Pavone via Getty Images)


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