The truth behind the expiration date on your beauty products


By: Maria Mercedes

Out with the old and in with the new! Your beauty product collection may be needing some serious replacements.

As a general rule, most beauty products are doomed six months after opening them. And if your products are natural and organic even sooner.

Cheap products may not last as long, as some are formulated with no stabilizers.

And with exposure to heat, oxygen and bacteria build-up, your products might be bad for your skincare regimen. The Australian company Choice says mascara and liquid eyeliner should generally be tossed away 2 to 3 months after first use.

Liquid foundation, concealer, face wash and eye cream last from 6 months to a year, according to Latina magazine.

Get rid of lipstick and lip gloss, creamy eyeshadows, and shower gel after a year or a year and a half at most. Nail polish, powder foundation, eyeshadow and blush are good up to two years.

Good news is that wax based products like eye and lip liners will pretty much last forever. If you see a change in the color of the product or smell guess what... toss!

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