FedEx customer leaves hilarious note for deliveryman

When we buy something online, we know we're delaying gratification -- but we get impatient anyway. Even worse, if you miss the deliveryman you may have to wait even longer. One online consumer created the perfect solution to this "problem."

A Reddit user called Toomanybeerz shared a sign they taped to his door addressed to FedEx:

"That package is the shizzle and I want it today," they wrote -- relatable to anyone who's ever bought items online. They then left detailed instructions for the FedEx deliveryman.

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If the white car is parked, that means Toomanybeerz is home. FedEx is to "ring, knock, scream, or just leave the package."

If Toomanybeerz isn't home, they don't want FedEx to simply drive away. Instead, they created a code for them to leave the package.

This note worked: when Toomanybeerz posted on Reddit, they commented that FedEx left it inside the door. They called the note a life hack -- and apparently did not mind compromising his security information.

Other Redditers brought this up as well, but Toomanybeerz commented that security cameras solve the issue. What was in the package that was "the shizzle" and worth the risk for? A laptop.

The potential hack went viral on the site, getting thousands of comments. A note like this could be useful to anyone who's too impatient to wait even one more day for their delivery.