Your tummy's fate in the stars? Best fast food place for your zodiac sign

HOUSTON - Wonder what your zodiac sign has to do with those hunger pains you have around lunch time? You're in luck!

Astrologist Danielle Paige came up with this list of fast-food places that best match your zodiac sign.

Best fast-food place for your zodiac sign
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Best fast-food place for your zodiac sign

Aries = Burger King

You enjoy new things and being one of the first to try them. Cheesy tots are just one of the new additions to their menu.

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Taurus = Chipotle

It's the scaled up fast food that works toward your patient, calm side. Customizing is key and it's always nice to have something spicy. 

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Cancer = KFC

You love getting to share good times with good people and good food. 

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Leo = Taco Bell

The adventurous and creative side in you just screams for a Doritos Locos Taco, or perhaps a Quesarito.

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Virgo = Panera Bread

Always the health conscious type, you're looking for something a little on the lighter side than most fast-food places.

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Libra = Domino's 

Like Cancers, you want to share with your friends and pizza is one of the best foods for that!

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Scorpio = Starbucks

You're focused on the experience, not just the food. Deep conversations can be had while lounging in comfy chairs, with nice music playing in the background.

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Sagittarius = In-N-Out 

In-N-Out Burger! The travel bug hits, so the California-based burger joint is appealing as a way to expand your horizons.

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Capricorn = McDonald's

It's all about keeping things classic, so why not go to the Happy Meal place of your childhood and go with what you know.

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Aquarius = Dairy Queen

It's unique, and you like doing your own thing! So maybe a Blizzard with a side of fries hits your quirky side.

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Pisces = Wendy's

You like to look at the bright side of life, so who cares if a Baconator will pack on a few pounds -- Live a little!

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