A striped dress, all the details

If I were to be described simply, in a few words, I hope it would somehow involve my attention to detail. Trivial, you may think but to me, it may just be the utmost compliment. Details: small parts that collectively add up to create a whole. Without those tiny, minutiae, nothing would actually be complete. Perhaps it's the power of something so small, overlooked if you don't pay close attention,that can have such an impact that makes it incredibly exciting.

This past weekend, as I lit votives, dimmed lights and created the perfect playlist, I was able to create a festive and classy gathering for my colleagues at work. The flickering candles and energy of the entire space, even before the guests arrived, was infectious, dare I say, intoxicating? Simply put, I live for those moments.

Yana Frigelis of NoMad Luxuries wearing a Sandro striped dress in black and gold in Chicago

These details, that I endlessly strive to find and string together, like the perfect jeweled necklace, are what continue to excite me. I would be lying if I told you that I don't imagine my life set to a playlist; gliding through the day to french jazz and a touch of bossa nova. A seductive and mysterious grin that permanently sits on my face as I drive to and from errands, or take the morning bus.

My wardrobe, an ode to my infatuation with details, much like this striped, Sandro dress, is a true representation of me. The gold grommets that adorn the waistline, the striped top woven with iridescent thread and the silhouette that flatters any body type are what make this dress so special. Those French, they sure have an eye for detail. And so, I rather not overlook the details but rather emphasize their importance, for they are truly what make the mundane something other than ordinary. This week, why not accentuate the details in your home, your wardrobe; elevate everyday. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Photos by Jennifer Coffey Photography

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