How to travel like a Victoria's Secret Angel

Victoria's Secret Angels are glamorous in so many ways — they are in amazing shape, they have flawless skin, gorgeous hair, and they jet-set around the world in style. This week, we flew to Paris with them on the Victoria's Secret plane (yes, it's real, and yes, it's incredible!) and we just had to find out their secrets to doing it all.

While sitting down with both Lily Aldridge and Lais Ribiero at 10,000 feet, we asked what tricks of the traveling trade they had — how to look like a supermodel when you get off the plane, instead of looking like you got hit by a bus (ahem — me, always.)

"I really love Ouai hair masks," Lily told us, "I'll put one in my hair before traveling and throw my hair in a bun, and then it can moisturize my hair while I'm flying."

But that's not all — she also takes good care of her skin. "Today I have a Tatcha sheet mask, and Shiseido eye patches, and those really help to make you look fresh and rejuvenated when you land. And water! drinking lots of water!"

See all of the Angels getting ready to fly to Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris:

As for Lais? "I have this Arianna mask from Israel, it has black mud, and it's just so good. I've used it for a year and my skin is just glowing all the time. I love it."

They both told us the same thing when it comes to their travel uniform — comfort!

"My sneaks, my VS leggings, a t-shirt, a hoodie," Lily said. "I'll usually wear something cute to the airport and then change when I get on the plane."

And Lais agreed. "I try to be very casual on flights. Sometimes you have to go straight to work, so I try to be very comfortable on the plane and then I'll change and go to work."

As Angels, and also for their careers as models, they're traveling all the time. And it's not always for work! We wanted to know their favorite places they've ever visited — and their choices might surprise you.

Lily's choice: Lima, Peru.

"I just recently went to Lima for the first time which was so beautiful, so amazing, incredible food and art — I was blown away by how amazing it is."

Lais's choice: Turks and Caicos.

"It's so hard to say! I love Paris, but my favorite... I'm Brazilian so I'd have to say Turks and Caicos. It's the beach, it's calm, it's very relaxed. I love going there. I go there every year."

So what do you say -- first stop, Lima, next stop Turks and Caicos? We're definitely on board!

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