Adorable goat in a duck costume goes viral

We can all let out a collective "Awww" over viral pictures of a special goat named Polly.

Housed at a New Jersey rescue called Goats of Anarchy, Polly is a six-month-old goat with special needs. She has neurological issues, is partly blind and suffers from anxiety.

Leanne Lauricella, the former New York City event planner who runs "Goats of Anarchy" as a labor of love, found an unusual way to calm Polly's anxious behavior.

Polly was accustomed to being clothed, because the rescue uses baby onsies to keep diapers on the goats while indoors.

Photos of Polly the goat:

Lauricella bought a duck costume meant for human kids and found it had a calming effect on Polly. It even lulled her to sleep. Other parents wish their kids would sleep as soundly as Polly does in a shopping cart!

Polly has worn other costumes, including a unicorn and a pig costume, but the yellow duck is said to be the best one to treat her anxiety.

If seeing photos of the ridiculously adorable fur babies has you itching to get your hands on one, you may be in luck.

Goats of Anarchy is looking for Volunteer Goat Huggers. Duties include hugging, swaddling, cuddling, filling water buckets and some "light" cleaning.

With a bunch of goats, that cleaning may not be so light, but some muck is worth a cuddle with one of the sweet kids.