Beaver 'arrested' while holiday shopping

By: TC Newman

This time of year, everyone has a long list of shopping to do.

Some shoppers in Maryland found themselves browsing the shelves with an unlikely consumer.

A budget conscious beaver was seen trying to save a buck at a Maryland dollar store. The usually nocturnal animal perused the store's holiday decoration aisle.

In what was probably one of the strangest 911 calls ever, the St. Mary's County Sheriff was summoned to arrest the suspect, who showed it's displeasure with the store's selection of Christmas trees by trashing the place.

The destructive, albeit super cute, beaver was apprehended by Captain Yingling of the St Mary's County Sheriff Dept.

And take heart, only a Scrooge with tiny handcuffs would arrest a beaver!

The precocious dam builder was rescued by Animal Control and released to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Come on, isn't this the cutest mugshot ever?

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