Your dog can remember what you do


By Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Buzz60

You always suspected your dog was smart, but people wouldn't believe you.

Now you can enjoy the taste of sweet revenge, because a new scientific study proves you've been right the whole time.

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Dogs are known to be capable of remembering commands and names, but a study from the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest revealed dogs have a more complex way of thinking that includes a recognition of people and places.

The New York Times reports that in humans, this is called episodic memory and it involves a sense of self.

The study trained 17 dogs to copy an action done by a human, using a technique called "Do-as-I-do training."

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In this case, the trainer's action is touching an umbrella -- and after a one-minute interval without seeing the umbrella, the dog comes back out and lies spontaneously on the floor indicating expectation.

Then the trainer gives the command "do it," and what do you think happens?

He does as he saw.

The research not only shows the dogs retained information, but also suggests they have "episodic-like" memory.

One researcher who helped develop the technique told the Times this study on dogs is considered strong evidence, because the events they remember are richer "in content and context" than in previous experiments.