Two cats are recreating all your favorite movie scenes

The only thing that could make your favorite movies better? If cats were playing the lead roles.

New Instagram account moviecats is posting photo recreations of famous movie scenes just about every week, and they're all starring two adorable Burmese cats named Tara and Willow.

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Even though the Chapmans have only created a handful of movie posters so far, they already have about 40,000 Instagram followers. They do not caption the posts with the movie they are creating, leaving users to figure it out for themselves – just like a real pub quiz.

Check out the hilarious photos below:

The cats' humans, David and Sarah Chapman, are from Nottingham, England. The couple was inspired to start the project for a pub quiz that David manages, reports BuzzFeed.

"We look at famous movie scenes and think, 'How could we do this with our cats?'" Chapman told BuzzFeed. "If it's possible and seems silly enough, then we have a go."

The crew also has a behind-the-scenes Instagram account, called casualmoviecats, which gives fans a glimpse into how the photos are made.

Not only do the Chapmans' Instagram followers love the awesome creations, but the cats enjoy it as well.

"Our cats are fairly laidback, so they're pretty happy as long as treats are involved," they told BuzzFeed.

We can't wait to see their next meow-vie creation.

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