19 gorgeous photos of daily life in Cuba


In the wake of Fidel Castro's death this week, tourists who are currently in Cuba and those who have booked flights in the coming week will find themselves in the middle of a nine-day national mourning period. Though in other cities people took to the streets to celebrate, in Havana, the usually lively atmosphere is "subdued."

In the summer of 2015, the US and Cuba began finalizing the long process of restored relations. The American flag was lifted above the American embassy once again, sparking the interest of many tourists eager to visit the island. While some restrictions are still in place for general tourism within the country (and President-elect Donald Trump has threatened to scrap the US' deal with Cuba), commercial flights are now freely going in and out, and it's becoming a viable vacation destination for those who can qualify to travel there.

Here's a look at daily life on the once-restricted island, which will enter its tourist high season in December.

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