Teen accidentally buys $700 of make-up with her mother's credit card

When online shopping, it's easy to put items you lust after in your shopping cart -- even if you have no intention of ever buying them. This can be a dangerous game, though, if you rack up an expensive list.

One teen, Alex Dello, did just that. She put over $700 worth of make-up from Sephora in a shopping cart. Then the unthinkable happened: Dello accidentally bought everything.

She shared a video on Twitter to explain what happened:

"Every girl in the world who's a makeup hoarder has just their Sephora basked filled with things they don't necessarily need," the 15-year-old said in the video. "I have a Sephora basket filled with things that I want -- $733 dollars worth."

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Apparently, Dello went on Sephora's website to see if an old gift card had any money on it. When she put in the information, she found that the gift card was empty -- and because her mother's credit card was saved, the order went through.

The self-proclaimed "make-up fiend" then contacted Sephora customer service to see if they could cancel the order, but no luck.

Thankfully, her mother had a good reaction to the incident. Dello tweeted what she told her:

Dello's cautionary tale quickly went viral, getting hundreds of thousands likes and retweets. She probably learned her lesson about the horrors of putting items in your online shopping cart.