Where Thanksgiving calories hide

By Patrick Jones, Buzz60

Everyone knows Thanksgiving is the holiday of excess. While it's nice to enjoy a feast with family and friends, it can be difficult for those that aren't looking to stuff themselves during the celebration.

If you're trying to get in shape or stay in shape and don't want the holidays to derail your hard work or discipline, here are a few tips! Calories are aplenty on the Thanksgiving table, but it might help to know where they're hiding in abundance.

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You can't skip the turkey, but you can avoid the skin and the dark meat which are the fattiest parts. Stuffing is going to be heavy so it's best to have this in moderation.

Mashed potatoes are super high in calories, but you can cut that count down by cooking them with low fat milk and skipping gravy.

As for dessert, ditch the sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows for a modest piece of pumpkin pie, which only has 320 calories a slice.

All in all, try to exercise portion control so that you don't have to exercise endlessly afterwards.