Holiday shopping can be as stressful as running a marathon

By Alyse Barker, Buzz60

If you're starting to feel anxious about Christmas shopping, you're not alone. A new study shows just how stressful it can be.

eBay conducted the study and monitored physiological responses during a 60-minute shopping session.

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Shoppers heart rates were elevated 33 percent during their shopping time, which is comparable to the heart rate increase while running a marathon.

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It's being called "High Intensity Interval Shopping," not to be confused with the effective workout High Intensive Interval Training.

The study recommends that to avoid this stress, shoppers should do their festive gift-buying in short spurts.

Do some online browsing during your lunch break or on your iPad or phone while you're commuting.

By practicing short-spurt shopping versus hours of shopping, you can help alleviate shopping stress.

Not only will your heart rate increase while shopping, but it also may skyrocket when you see your bill.

Quick tip, save money by shopping earlier in the week. Mondays are recorded to have the cheapest deals online, while later in the week can see up to an 18 percent increase on some items.

If you're making your list and checking it twice, be good to yourself this season and reduce your holiday stress.